Increase Password Strength by adding Emojis in your Password

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Online security is more serious than ever, as we’ve seen with large companies becoming victims of breaches. It can be difficult to remember all your passwords since you’re encouraged to switch them up for each site and device. Password security is about to get more fun and creative. New security software is going to make…Read More

Change Your Twitter Password Right Now!

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It’s time again to change your password. Twitter wasn’t hacked, but it still really wants you to change your password. On May 3, Twitter announced that the passwords of every account—all 336 million of them—had been exposed in an internal log. There’s no indication that anyone’s passwords have been stolen or misused, but in the…Read More

How Everyday Technology Can Put You In Danger?

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Technology is an aspect of our everyday lives that has achieved deep acculturation due to its easy access and the degree of its complexity – which is simple and can be used by anyone without requiring special skills or knowledge. The Internet has revolutionized shopping, information search, entertainment, media etc. Popular Security Systems aren’t Necessarily…Read More